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Sleep Expert Proves Doctors Wrong - Invents a $39 Anti-Snoring That Works Better Than Anything Else On The Market

Next-generation device to finally bring some quiet time and relief to anyone who is struggling with snoring

May 8, 2020 at 11:17 am EDT

Millions of people are struggling with snoring, but few realize the real impact...

It's no secret that the quality of your sleep has an incredible impact on your health and well-being. But if you’re snoring constantly then you may be causing more harm than just keeping your partner up all night.

In fact, heavy snoring is related to a number of serious illnesses and medical complications including stroke, heart attack, sleep apnea and memory loss.

According to a 2019 study from the National Sleep Medicine Institute more than 50 percent of all men and 25 percent of all women are habitual snorers, yet experts warn that the majority of people don’t understand the risks and underestimate the potential negative impact of snoring on their health.

The Surprising Breakthrough Discovery

While snoring treatments previously involved lengthy sleep studies, expensive devices and invasive surgeries, a team of engineers have found a new way to predict and cease snoring with the help of modern technology!

This was made possible after the discovery of a new biological pattern called the "silent snore".

“What we discovered changed our whole understanding about the sleeping pattern of patients who experience heavy snoring problems” says Magmus Schroder, the leading researcher and world-renowned sleep expert

“When you sleep, muscle tone throughout your body decreases, or becomes hypotonic. This relaxation of the upper airway muscles during sleep may decrease the size of the airway space and cause airflow limitation and turbulence. It is the combination of turbulent airflow through the hypotonic airway structures that results in the harsh vibratory noise known as snoring".

While analyzing the biggest snoring data collected in history, the team of researchers noticed something extraordinary.

They found out that seconds before a patient starts snoring, the body starts emitting “quiet”, extremely low frequency signals.

They called this phenomenon the "silent snore".

"We built Sleep Connection to detect the ‘silent snore’ with exceptional accuracy. This discovery allowed us to successfully prevent people from snoring in almost all cases. This is why the device works for so many people!”

Apart from the ugly and often embarrassing CPAP mask, changing your position is the only scientifically proven method to consistently stop snoring. This is now possible without the use of masks or expensive equipment.

Now, thanks to the Sleep Connection, you can finally have a good night’s sleep!

What is Sleep Connection?

Disguised as a comfortable wristband, the device was developed with special hardware that can detect the low-frequency signals known as the "silent snore".

Once snoring has been detected, Sleep Connection can prevent snoring by using gentle impulse technology.

These gentle impulses guide your body to unconsciously turn on your side without disrupting your deep sleep or waking you up. As turning your body on its side is a proven method for reducing snoring, you can eliminate snoring completely while you sleep.

Sleep Connection is powered by a next-generation patented Bio-sensor® in combination with an advanced AI algorithm that uses aggregated data from thousands of pre-recorded heavy snoring cases. This allows Sleep Connection to recognize and prevent the first ‘symptoms’ of snoring with incredible accuracy.

Results powered by Technology

Thanks to its advanced technology Sleep Connection is finally bringing real results and lasting hope for high quality sleep to people struggling with heavy, chronic snoring.

As a comfortable and non-invasive treatment option, Sleep Connection is unlike all other outdated anti-snoring solutions.

No need to put something up your nose or in your mouth while you sleep.

Now you simply wear the device on your wrist and you’re ready for a good night’s sleep.

For now the production is tight and only a limited quantity of 5000 units is available. Check availability and purchase Sleep Connection directly from the company's website by clicking HERE.

How does Sleep Connection improve your sleep?

Sleep Connection is the most advanced device on the market" explains the leading sleep expert and founder of Sleep Connection. "What makes the Sleep Connection anti-snoring bracelet solution so special is the integrated Bio-sensor® in the device.

This means, for the very first time, snoring can be detected BEFORE it starts.

The Bio-sensor® is essentially a mini, super smart computer, that can read signals emitted by your body.

The AI module has been trained using data from hundreds of thousands of heavy snoring patients. This allows the smart bracelet to identify with unmatched accuracy when you are about to start snoring.

"In other words, Sleep Connection knows when you are about to start snoring."

"The second Sleep Connection detects you are about to start snoring, the bracelet starts emitting light, very low-frequency impulses. These impulses are so light they force you to change positions and stop you from snoring, but so silent they don’t disturb you or your partner's deep sleep.

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A personal journey

For the founder of Sleep Connection, his anti-snoring project started more out of necessity than financial gains.

Preferring to keep the cost low and provide affordable snoring treatment to those who need it, Schroder was driven by personal motives. With his own health deteriorating for no obvious reason, there needed to be a solution.

"I was running twice a week, ate well, and slept 8 hours a night" - explains the sleep expert.

Yet he was waking up tired, had uncomfortable mood swings throughout the day, lacked energy and felt constantly fatigued.

After visiting America's top sleeping researchers, the scientist was told that his only solution would be to wear the widely dreaded CPAP mask.

As a common treatment for snoring, the CPAP mask (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) applies mild air pressure to a person’s upper airway to allow them to breathe normally during sleep. Time consuming and stressful, he explains the impact this treatment had on his life:

“I hated the thought of it...I hated the thought of setting it up. The noise. The uncomfortable restriction. And I hated the thought of traveling with it (taking a CPAP on vacation has to be a serious buzzkill).

M. Schroder's only solution was a CPAP mask like this

Test Results of Sleep Connection

As part of the project Sleep Connection had to go through extensive testing before the bracelet is put for sale.

"During the trials, we gave away the Sleep Connection bracelet to 1289 people.

"When we got the initial results, we thought that there was something wrong with the data." - laughs Magmus Schroder

"We knew our device is better than anything else on the market, but the results exceeded our expectations!"

The results?

A significant part of the people who participated during the Sleep Connection trials reported that their snoring was reduced or was completely gone. Almost all of the people reported that they were feeling more refreshed in the morning, experienced better concentration and there was a significant increase in energy levels throughout the whole day.

Where to buy Sleep Connection from?

You can buy it directly from the company's website by clicking HERE.

What surprised us is the affordability of the device. At only $39 it is a must-buy for anyone who struggles or knows someone suffering from heavy snoring.

30 Days Return Guarantee. No Questions Asked

Even though the convincing results, the device comes with 30 Days No Questions Asked Return Policy. This means that in the unlikely event where Sleep Connection doesn't work for - you can request your money back.

NOTE: Edit: The interest in the device has been spectacular. The initially available batch of 5000 Sleep Connection devices is almost sold out, so if you want to test it yourself go ahead and get yours now. The next available batch is expected in October 2020.
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